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Rubber Bellows (expansion joints) are used to

  • Prevent vibration and sound insulation
  • Accommodate axial, lateral or angular movements or a combination of these
  • Prevent stress due to expansion and contraction
  • Compensate misalignment

They are widely used in

  • Refineries
  • Chemical plants
  • Cement plants
  • Agro/fertilizers
  • Tyre industry
  • Nuclear & thermal power stations


The expansion joints are designed, fabricated and tested to provide an accurate and effective solution to the customer's requirements. Rubber bellows are manufactured as per manufacturer's standard. The number, shape and construction of the convolution depend on the movement, pressure, temperature, media and fatigue life.

A combination of experience, calculation and practical testing make a good bellow, which is critical in order to give the level of performance as required.

While designing a bellow following parameters are taken into consideration, Pressure, Temperature, Corrosion resistance, Minimum maintenance, Durability, Reliability, Long life, Economy, Performance and Safety.


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