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Metallic Bellows (expansion joints) are used to

  • Prevent stresses due to expansion and contraction
  • Accommodate axial, lateral or angular movements or a combination of these
  • Accommodate thermal expansion
  • Isolate vibrations
  • Accommodate fabrication tolerances

They are widely used in

  • Refineries
  • Chemical plants
  • Cement plants
  • Agro/fertilizers
  • Tyre industry
  • Shipping
  • Nuclear & thermal power stations


The expansion joints are designed, fabricated and tested to provide an accurate and effective solution to the customer's requirements. Metallic bellows are manufactured as per EJMA standard.
They are manufactured in all Ferrous / Non Ferrous / Alloy Steel / Non Alloy Steel material as per customer’s requirement.
The number, shape and construction of the convolution depend on the type and amount of movement necessary to accommodate the thermal expansion.
Bellows are designed to take movement, pressure, temperature, media, fatigue life and corrosion. Big corrugations offer great elasticity and movement but reduce the capacity to absorb internal pressure and require more space.


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